Vintage Steinways


Since 1909, The Mattlin-Hyde Piano Company has a long history of finding the perfect Steinway piano to fit your requirements — home, church, school, studio, concert hall.

We are pleased to be Northern Ohio’s largest and most respected retailer specializing in nearly-new and vintage-restored Steinways,

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Available exclusively at our Eton showroom, restoration pianos from Mattlin-Hyde Piano Company “means that” extensive restoration, or complete rebuilding, has been performed on that particular instrument.

Where possible, all replacement parts are of original manufacture’s specifications – or better. Piano “restoration” can involve stripping and refinishing the case; replacing the action with parts by the Renner Company of Germany (or replacement parts of piano maker’s origin, if available;) restringing the entire piano, including using superior hand wound bass strings; replacing the original pin block - on grands only - to assure tuning stability; repair or replacement of the sounding board; replating and polishing the piano’s original hardware; rebronzing the cast iron plate; and replacing or restoring elaborate decals.

5-Year Warranty

These special pianos are guaranteed as new with a five-year full warranty -- in many cases, better than the original piano maker.

All piano restorations by Mattlin-Hyde Piano Company are treated with the same careful, loving attention that is deserving of a fine painting or work of art.


Restored Steinway & Sons


Restored Mason & Hamlin

At Mattlin-Hyde Piano Company, we have a particular affection for the best American made pianos of the Golden Era that were built between the late 19th and early 20th century – especially Mason & Hamlin, Steinway & Sons, and Baldwin. Many believe that pianos of this era, when restored to their original character, possess a singing tone that can have “more soul” than some newer pianos.

No matter the critique, there is no argument that there’s something magical about vintage collection restorations coming out of our old world shop – a combination of artisanship and seasoned woods, elegant case design, hand detail, and general craftsmanship.